RSTAANZ Executive Committee meeting, Wednesday September 27, 2017

Present:  Anita Neilson, Colin MacLeod, Philomena Clare (Chair), Susan Mudford, Linda Aitchison, Andrew Murray 

Apologies:  Amjad Ali (problem with link)

Agenda items discussed:

  1. Scholarship update – report from writing party Sept 5th. Andrew has forwarded a selection of scripts indicating students of calibre with thanks. Our last meeting we discussed what the shape would be of the writing party (ie input re-two types of Schol exam internal report and external). Philomena gave an update of progress from the Schol meeting in early September. The group are meeting again in November (facilitated by a teacher who led a Schol Geog panel) and a teacher from PE/Health who have a report style (internal format). Draft evidence for criteria is in the process of being gathered with the hope of having something solid for checking by the time of our meeting on December 8 (submission date being March 2018).
  2. Facebook recognition – Linda. Linda has emailed everyone on the email list and asked people to go to FB page and ‘get active’. Executive Committee to be pro-active in this. Linda also suggested that lots of ‘other’ stuff can be loaded eg interesting articles, other events coming up etc.
  3. Preparation of agenda for Exec. meeting Dec 8th from 10am – Philomena will call for items in due course.

Other business:

Auckland gathering     Tuesday Nov 7 – Details to be finalised then published (Philomena/Susan with Libby at St Cuths). Linda has listed it as an event on FB.

 Next Goto meeting:    Tuesday 4pm November 14th


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