RSTAANZ AGM – 29th November 2018

Thank you to those who came to the meeting or ‘Zoomed’ in. Special thank you to Fr Merv Duffy for his keynote address.

The President’s Report is available here.

Religious Studies – A Scholarship Subject from 2020!

It’s official! NZQA has approved RS for scholarship from 2020 and beyond. Thanks so much to all involved. It’s an exciting time for this important and valued subject.

Religious Studies – Applying to be a Scholarship Subject

NZQA have recently called for feedback on whether Religious Studies should be considered for inclusion in Scholarship from 2019.

RSTAANZ has submitted our feedback/application on the 24th of May and have made it available here so you are aware of the detail and strength of our case for inclusion.

We suggest that RSTAANZ members, and friends:

  • Become familiar with the detail of our application and circulate it as appropriate.
  • Make individual submissions using the NZQA feedback form (Deadline is Friday 22 of June.)
  • Take the opportunity to include your local NZQA or MOE contacts in this dialogue.

Any particular developments will be posted on this site.

Kind regards, RSTAANZ Exec.

RSTAANZ Executive Committee meeting, Wednesday March 28, 2018

Agenda items discussed:

  1. Philomena Clare (chairperson) is in Ireland with ailing parents. We will keep her and her whanau in our prayers.
  2. Scholarship application. We are ready to go as soon as it is called for by NZQA. In response to suggestions of last meeting we have run a survey and gathered a range of student and principal ‘voice’ which will be added to the application.
  3. Colin MacLeod to attend PPTA Subject Association meeting to represent RSTAANZ.
  4. The RSTAANZ AGM will be in Auckland on November 29th 2018. (Venue and format to be confirmed later in the year.)

Other business:

  1. State schools and moderation? Posted on our facebook page and see who responds.

 Next Goto meeting:    23rd May – on-line – 3.30 pm.

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